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Marie Little is a Real Estate and Interior Design Consultant, who dedicates herself to serving residential clientele along Orange County's GOLD COAST region; her specialty being waterfront and ocean view lifestyles. She has a savvy awareness of the range in luxury living options Newport Beach and nearby coastal communities personify. Marie has been a bay front resident in Newport Beach since 1986. For nearly 2 decades now, she's enjoyed the amazing privilege of helping many coastal residents translate their lifestyle dreams into reality.

"I consider myself rather fortunate to live where I work and play too. A big part of my memories about growing up are the weekends spent at the beach playing volleyball, riding the surf, flying kites, or boating with my family and friends. Believe it or not, I still take great pleasure in doing all those things! Perhaps that's partly why I have such a passion for designing and selling coastal lifestyles here...This is the area I love most, and know best."

Marie's real estate career began after realizing her educational and professional background to be an ideal match for combining interior design with real estate sales, and has transformed her career into a "twin passion". This makes for a powerful edge over most of her competition; especially useful in today's market. Marie's academic studies included business administration and interior design. She attended University of California, Irvine and graduated from Interior Designers Institute, Newport Beach.

She spent more than a decade in the corporate environment, where she became a successful Negotiator for multi-million dollar contracts. Marie developed a reputation for her effective listening and communication skills, innate ability to perform under pressure with clarity and purpose, sharp-witted analytical proficiency, with an unwavering commitment to the highest of ethical standards.

Just three years into her career and having established Marie Little Interior Design in Newport Beach, Marie's work was published nationwide in a well-known L.A. based magazine; something few interior designers ever achieve during their entire career. Since then, her work has appeared in numerous other publications including California Homes Magazine. She has a following, and continues to maintain a local presence with design by serving a select clientele.

Marie is associated with ARBOR Real Estate Professionals of Newport Beach, where she specializes in waterfront and water view properties. She joined an organization whose core values are consistent with hers. They also understand the local luxury home market, and have a strong coastal presence. ARBOR management recognizes the value of Marie's background, and views it as an attractive benefit for homebuyers and sellers who work with her. Marie is certain that she could not have made a better choice than ARBOR Real Estate Professionals!

Marie is a perfectionist, whose successes are branded by sharing her passion and obsession with excellence in everything she accomplishes. She is accustomed to enhancing the needs of an influential, sophisticated and well-defined clientele, who tend to place a high value on family and friends, while enjoying an extraordinary lifestyle. Clients and peers recognize Marie as one who is honorable, well-informed and confident, detail and quality oriented, honors confidentiality, and is genuinely personable. As well, she is regarded as one who listens to her clients' needs and desires, with a propensity to surpass expectations. "Helping people improve their lifestyle is what I do best . . . and it just happens to be my greatest inspiration."















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