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Marie admits her services are not for everyone, but rather those who appreciate and demand the very best in luxury residential interior design. Since 1991, when she established Marie Little Interior Design in Newport Beach, Marie has continually earned a loyal following among the area's most successful and renowned coastal elite, who place a high value on lifestyle. Marie describes her approach to designing personal living environments as a "symmetrical transformation" drawing from the individual clients' vision.

  • Marie's distinct flair captures the essence of a client's personality and lifestyle. She is a natural at symbolizing one's successes and interests with carefully selected furnishings and design elements throughout their home. Marie believes in preserving architectural integrity and maximizing exterior influences such as coastal orientation. To achieve this, she applies a disciplined way of bringing order, clean lines, proper scale, timelessness, and comfort with the proper level of sophistication within the living space; regardless of design style.
  •  She has a natural ability to create a flow of connection between furnishings, texture, color, surface materials, comfort and functionality, while holding true to the needs and desires of the client.
  • Marie has a keen awareness of the special requirements and considerations specific to coastal living, and remains on the cutting edge of the everchanging interior design world.
  • She is known for her intuitive way of providing viable solutions to specific design obstacles and unusual circumstances that are commonly faced with design projects.
  • As a perfectionist, Marie carefully selects only the finest resources available worldwide.
  • Realizing the uniqueness of each project, Marie consults closely with her clients and the resources involved. From inception thru completion, her services are custom tailored to achieve the specified requirements. Marie believes details make a difference, and that obtaining optimal results takes time.

Marie partly attributes her successes as an interior designer to applying a couple of her own personal "Golden Rules" -- 1.Understand and believe in each client's needs and expectations. 2. Face challenges as opportunities to feed the mind with imagination and fresh ideas.

Are you a coastal resident who is ready to bring your lifestyle to the next level, by making the investment it will take to achieve your luxury home's full potential? Would you like to experience the ultimate of excellence with interior design? Then it's time to contact Marie for your private consultation.

 Contract Services Offered

  • Complete Interior Design Services
  • Remodel and New Custom Home Design/Construction Consultation (examples: spatial layout, surface materials and detail specification, kitchen and bath design, critique of preliminary architectural drawings and lighting, electrical or plumbing plans)
  • Project Conceptualization/Coordination with Architects, Builders or other Contractors
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture, Fabric and Accessory Specification, Purchase and Installation
  • Custom Designed Furniture including Home Theater Systems and Other Built-ins
  • Color Consultation
  • Custom Window Treatments and Automated Solar Shades
  • Custom Upholstery and Bedding Design
  • Lighting, Flooring Specification
  • Fine Art Consultation
  • Consultation for Designing Outdoor Entertaining Spaces


Marie Little Interior Design

Marie Little of Newport Beach, California
Marie Little
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