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BALBOA PENINSULA – A three-mile stretch of land simply referred to by locals, as “the Peninsula” is the true essence of beach living, and the city’s most iconic location. Among the more famous highlights are the NEWPORT and BALBOA PIERS, BALBOA PAVILION, BALBOA FUN ZONE and THE WEDGE where only highly skilled surfers dare brave. Among the widely known events are the NEWPORT HARBOR CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE, NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL, and ENSENADA RACE. Also known for it’s varied beach lifestyles; one for nearly everyone, ranging from original beach cottages built in the 1920s to newer palatial beach castles. 

If you are looking for something on the waterfront with a private dock, expect to pay no less than approximately 1.5 million for an original beach cottage and anywhere from 3.5 to 30 million+ for a modern day custom built home. You will not find any two dwellings that look alike, except for the few condo developments throughout the entire Peninsula.

Yes, this is also where some of Newport Beach’s most successful and prominent entrepreneurs have chosen to make their home. The Peninsula is where everybody wants to be year round, and it is evident during the summer months and holidays. A popular place to live, whether full or part-time; it’s ENDLESS SUMMER here on the PENINSULA!

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